Sorell Council controls a sealed and unsealed road network of approximately 340 km.

107km of this is urban roads, and 233km is rural roads.

207km of this is sealed roads, with the remaining 133km unsealed.

Our Municipal Road Map specifies all the roads that Council maintain.

Sorell Council Road Map 2022

This information will help you understand who to report abandoned vehicles in our community to.

A vehicle is considered abandoned if it is burnt out, has no number plates, is unregistered and parked on the road, or is registered but has not moved for a significant time.

Abandoned vehicles are investigated by Tasmania Police and then removed by the relevant road authority. Please note – State and Local Government have different legislation, policies and procedures for dealing with abandoned vehicles.

Abandoned vehicles can be reported to Tasmania Police or directly to the relevant authority.

To report an abandoned vehicle on a State road:
Please contact Department of Transport (State Growth) at or call 1300 139 933.

The following are State roads in Sorell:

Arthur Highway
Tasman Highway

To report an abandoned vehicle on a Council road or street in the Sorell Municipality
Please call or email us – Contact Us – Sorell Council

Sorell Council investigates unregistered and abandoned vehicles on Council streets with Tasmania Police. If the last registered owner cannot be found, and Tasmania Police release the vehicle from the investigation, then Council is authorised to remove, impound and dispose of the vehicle under the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982.

What should you do if your vehicle has a Council notice on it?
Advise council as soon as possible of your intentions with the vehicle. Please call or email us – Contact Us – Sorell Council