Food Business Application

Food Business Application/Renewal

Application for Registration/Renewal of a Food Business Includes Food Vans, stalls, tents, marquees and trailers

Tick one box only

Food Business Proprietor's Details and Food business Details

List the types of food to be sold or attach copy of menu

Food safety qualifications, training or experience of Proprietor/Onsite contact

If any food sold from a mobile food business is to be prepared and/or stored at another location, please provide details, including the address of any premises where food is to be stored or prepared.

Trading Name and /or Stall/Van Name

Please attach an A4 plan or photographs clearly depicting the layout of your mobile food business as part of this application. Refer to the Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses for more information. The Guidelines can be accessed at:

I declare that the information provided on this form is accurate, complete and correct. I understand and agree that information about this application and the businesses’ on-going operations will be shared with councils and the Department of Health and Human Services to assess this application and the businesses’ compliance with the Food Act 2003. I understand that this is an application, and approval of this application is not guaranteed.

admin, 14/07/2021