Council is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the majority of roads within our community.

Engineering assessments also play an important role in Development Applications. Issues relating to storm water drainage, flooding, roads, traffic, parking, lighting and other Council infrastructure are assessed as part of the application process.

Council approval is required before any new vehicular crossing is construction and works must be undertaken in accordance with our Standard Drawings.

These are works undertaken by property owners to subdivide their land and may include roads, accesses, footpaths and services. The roads and stormwater services are then transferred to Council upon completion including their on-going maintenance (after the expiry of the defects liability period). Other Authorities, such as TasWater, take-over and maintain other services such as water and sewer infrastructure.

Notice of Intention to Carry Out Work

Online Form – Notice of Intention to carry out work


Our Local Highways By-Law regulates and controls activities and conduct on local highways in our Municipality – Local Highway Bylaw 2 of 2015

In most cases, permits are required to undertake any work that may impact upon Council’s infrastructure and assets.

Please speak to an Engineering Officer so they can assess if you require a permit.

Vehicular accesses includes crossovers (urban) and culverts (rural).

A Vehicular Access Application needs to be completed for new, additional, upgrading, repairing and modifying vehicular accesses. Once the application form and associated fee is received, Council will then process it. If approved, Council will issue a Vehicular Crossing Permit with associated conditions. This includes engineering inspection(s) if required.

The owner of the land is responsible for the costs associated with the construction, repair, maintenance and renewal of any Vehicular Crossing servicing that land. All Vehicular Crossings are to be constructed, repaired, maintained or renewed in a manner, and to the standard required by the Council Engineer.

Vehicular Crossing and Associated Works Application Form

Online Form – Vehicular Crossing (and associated works) Application