Development Engineering

Development engineering considers the:

  • capacity of roads, stormwater and other services to accommodate new development, and
  • standard of construction of new assets, particularly those assets that are to be transferred to Council.

Most planning permits will include development engineering conditions.

Common considerations including stormwater drainage, flooding, footpaths, road safety, traffic management and capacity, car parking and lighting.

Stormwater assessments are in accordance with the Stormwater in New Development Policy.

Council approval is required before commencing any work in a Council road reservation. All work must be undertaken in accordance with our Standard Drawings.

Vehicular accesses include crossovers (urban) and culverts (rural).

A permit is required for all new for new, upgraded or modified vehicular accesses.

Property owners must meet all costs associated with the construction, repair, maintenance and renewal of any access to their land.  This includes any permit conditions and the ongoing maintenance and repair of the access.

The Local Highway Bylaw 2 of 2015 regulates activities and conduct on local highways, including the maintenance of accesses.

The Department of State Growth regulate accesses to State Highways.




The Tasmanian Standard Drawings and associated specifications and subdivision guidelines have been prepared by the three regional Council authorities s together with the Tasmanian division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA).

The standards and specifications are available from the Local Government Association of Tasmania website.





Stormwater from new development is regulated by one or more of the following depending on your location:

Stormwater from new development is regulated through planning and plumbing approvals and may require General Manager consent under the Urban Drainage Act 2013.

The Local Highway Bylaw 2 of 2015 regulates and controls activities and conduct on local highways in our Municipality.

In most cases, permits are required to undertake any work that may impact upon Council’s infrastructure and assets.  Please speak to an engineering officer so they can assess if you require a permit.

All new subdivisions must submit as constructed drawings showing the location of all assets constructed.

Council’s guidelines, specifications, sample drawing and data collection spreadsheet are available here: