Sorell Council provides a school based immunisation program.

The school immunisation program provides Year 7 Sorell High School Students with two free vaccines.  The first vaccine is a booster dose called Boostrix.  This vaccine covers diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough).

The second vaccine is Gardasil which protects children from the Human papilloma virus (HPV).  This is given as 2 doses on different days, 6 months apart.

Your year 7 child will be given a consent form at the start of the year that must be signed and returned to the school, even if your child is not being vaccinated.

For all other childhood immunisations, Sorell is fortunate to have two medical practices providing bulk billed childhood immunisations.

Please contact either:

Sorell Family Practice

12 Cole Street, Sorell (at Sorell Plaza)

Phone 6265 2341

Sorell Doctors Surgery

31 Gordon Street, Sorell

Phone 6265 1595

Sorell Council only holds records for immunisations that have been provided by us. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding immunisations.

To request a copy of your own or your child’s vaccination history as administered by Council, please complete the form below:

Certificate of Immunisation

Form to request a Certificate of Immunisation either for yourself, or your child. Please note we only hold records given through the Sorell Council run programs in the Sorell municipality.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    List of locations where immunisations may have been administered. Please check at least one location. Please note: If the school or clinic that you attended is not in the list, then we do not hold the immunisation record. Please contact the relevant Council of the school or clinic you attended directly. Select at least one of the following locations
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    DD slash MM slash YYYY