Planning Compliance

What are the penalties for not complying with the planning scheme?

If you undertake use or development without approvals or undertake use or development contrary to a permit condition, penalties can apply. 

These penalties include monetary penalties which can amount to several thousands of dollars.  Severe breaches can also be prosecuted.

Where breaches have occurred, we prefer to work constructively with people to obtain the necessary approvals.  Council has, however, successfully prosecuted individuals who failed to both comply with the planning scheme or cooperate with compliance directions.

If you are concerned that a person may not be complying with the planning scheme, you can:

  • Raise the issue with Council staff; or
  • Lodge a formal notice of suspected contravention with Council.

All complaints are investigated in accordance with the Sorell Enforcement Policy.

The Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 provides enforcement powers and procedures to Council as well as providing civil enforcement processes for individuals.