Tracks and Trails

Council is in a staged progress of developing a network of tracks and trails throughout our Municipality, subject to funding allocations. It is hoped that these tracks and trails foster and engages our community into greater recreational pursuits, an enhanced understanding of our cultural, historical and environmental values and builds awareness of the true enriching experiences available in our Municipality.

Dunalley Canal Walkway

A concrete and gravel pathway which meanders along the Dunalley Canal from the bridge through to the Tasman Monument.  There is seating and signage along the walkway.

Lewisham Foreshore Walkway

A 110 metre long gravel track from Richards Avenue down to the footbridge crossing China Creek.

Old Forcett Road Walkway

A gravel walkway approximately 2.7 kilometres long has been constructed along Old Forcett Road from Rantons Road through to Quarry Road.

Orielton Lagoon Loop

A scenic walk or ride around the Orielton Lagoon through Sorell and Midway Point. A combination of concrete and gravel pathways, its suitable for a variety of users – prams, BMX bike riding, scooters, walking, running etc. Some stages yet to be completed once funding is received and/or allocated.

Orielton Lagoon Loop – Route Map

Waterway Trail

A 2.5 metre wide trail that meanders along the Sorell Rivulet from Pioneers Park through to Stores Lane. Storyboards outlining historical and environmental areas of significance are placed along the trail.

admin, 21/05/2012