Draft Blue Lagoon Management Plan 2023

Blue Lagoon is a place of great significance and importance to our local community.

Its ongoing protection and preservation is a priority for Council and will ensure future generations get to experience its rich biodiversity and value of community connection to this special place.

Why we need a Plan 

Blue Lagoon is a crucial freshwater ecosystem that supports local biodiversity and provides essential benefits to the surrounding community. Once a natural ocean flush with a salt marsh environment, it has evolved into a permanent dune and freshwater habitat due to the presence of Pine trees and Marram grasses.  

The 5 year Blue Lagoon Management Plan (BLMP) has been developed with the aim of conserving biodiversity, cultural heritage and social values – while addressing environmental challenges. It also seeks to promote the area in recognition of its recreational and well-being values as well as establishing an educational centre for local schools and communities.  It sets out a range of priorities and corresponding measures for:  

  • Protection from invasive weeds 
  • Maintaining continuous water in the lagoon 
  • Controlling outflow from weather variations, and 
  • Minimising impacts on private assets and natural biodiversity (e.g during times of heavy rainfall). 

The BLMP acknowledges the challenges of climate change and increased human pressure, and sets out to deliver a proactive and balanced management plan that benefits both the environment and the community. 

What is the focus for the next 5 years? 

The BLMP activities sought to be funded (subject to annual Council budget and funding resource review and allocation) include: 

  • Protecting the lagoon from invasive weeds 
  • Promote area as a mental health hub, and establishing it as an educational Centre  
  • Integrate education on the Red Handfish habitat and advocate for species protection at local, state, and federal levels 
  • Planning for the staged removal of Pine trees and Cumbungi  
  • Regular monitoring of septic systems to prevent lagoon contamination 
  • Continuous water quality monitoring at adjacent Red Ochre (Blue Lagoon) beach for public safety 
  • Community engagement in conservation and restoration activities for improved health and wellbeing 

What we’ve heard so far

The draft BLMP has been informed by extensive consultation and studies, and incorporates input from the community and local stakeholders to ensure a holistic approach to preserving and enhancing Blue Lagoon’s ecological and social value. Stakeholders engaged to develop this draft BLMP included meeting with the following community and professional/academic organisations:  
  • Sally and Chris Johns (authors of the Draft Action Plan for the Blue Lagoon Reserve from which this BLMP is based) 
  • Marine Solutions 
  • University of Tasmania  
  • Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare Inc.   

 Key outcomes from this initial engagement included: 

  • The consensus within the community on the importance of the Red Handfish, a critically endangered species. The BLMP will integrate education and protection of the Red Handfish habitat into its strategy, ensuring all future activities are consistent with their conservation 
  • Acknowledgement of the ongoing efforts of local community groups in weed management and support for a staged approach over the next 5 years to remove Pine trees and Cumbungi to protect the habitat of various flora and fauna  
  • Addressing the potential contamination of the lagoon by proposing regular monitoring of septic systems within its catchment area, ensuring the protection of biodiversity 

Next steps  – updated

The draft BLMP is now released for broader community consultation and feedback, and has been extended to close on 30 June 2023 to allow for a community forum. 


Thanks to community feedback, we welcome you to attend a community forum on Wednesday 21 June 2023 at the Carlton Park Surf Life Saving Club, 1 Raprinner St, Carlton Beach.

Two session times are available:

  • 1pm to 2pm
  • 6pm to 7pm

Download the Draft Blue Lagoon Management Plan 

Independant reports commissioned by Council that are referenced in the BLMP are also available:

Council welcomes the views of its community. 

You can provide your feedback on the Blue Lagoon Management Plan via the feedback form link below or email us at sorellcouncil@sorell.tas.gov.au 

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