Sorell Strategic Transport Network Assessment

Ratio Consultants were engaged by Sorell Council to undertake a strategic transport review of Sorell that considers future growth projections, State Government transport projects (namely the Sorell Southern Bypass), and the function of the Sorell township as a key hub for the wider Tasman Peninsula East Coast area.

Amongst other things this study focuses on the proposed growth area to the south-east of the existing Sorell township.

The purpose of the strategic transport network assessment was to:

  • Determine the likely future growth-driven traffic generation and distribution for the study area;
  • Review the expected changes in traffic volumes and distributions resulting from the soon to be
    constructed Sorell Southern Bypass; and
  • Review the theoretical capacity of the future road network and confirm the suitability of the future
    transport network.

Council adopted the Sorell Strategic Transport Network Assessment as a road network plan for consideration in future planning applications.

Sorell Strategic Transport Network Assessment Report – November 2021