Public Notice – Proposed Environmental Health By-Law 2023

Environmental Health By-law 2023 & Regulatory Impact Statement

Public comments are invited for the proposed Environmental Health By-law 2023 which will replace the existing Environmental Health By-law 2013. The objectives of the by-law are:

  1. To establish controls on the use of waste management facilities and kerbside waste, greenwaste and recycling collection services.
  2. Establish standards for the keeping of animals to minimise nuisances and safety risks to neighbours and members of the public.
  3. Set minimum standards with respect to health, safety and amenity for caravans and mobile homes kept on properties throughout the municipal area.
  4. Provide controls on where ‘backyard burning’ can occur and provide powers for authorised officers to extinguish fires that are creating a nuisance to neighbours.

Potential Impact of the By-law

Caravans situated on land are required to be licenced and are subject to an annual licence fee unless they are stored on a property with a residence or situated in a designated caravan park or overnight motor home parking area.

The waste management provisions of the By-law will apply to all properties with a kerbside garbage, recycling and greenwaste collection service and users of the recycling centres. Restrictions are specified on the types of materials that can be deposited in wheelie bins and at recycling centres.

Residents keeping animals must not allow the animals to become a nuisance to neighbours. Council officers may issue a notice to require a property owner to undertake works to prevent animals creating a nuisance. Restrictions will apply on what animals can be kept in residential areas without requiring a permit. The By-law does not apply to dogs as the Dog Control Act 2000 regulates these issues.

A person burning materials contrary to the Environmental Management & Pollution Control Act 1994 may be directed to extinguish a fire. Minimum distance for backyard burning to neighbouring residences are specified.

Copies of the regulatory impact statement and by-law are linked below.

For further information please contact Greg Robertson on 62690041 or

Submissions on the by-law must be received by Wednesday 23 August 2023 and may be made in writing address to the General Manager, Sorell Council PO Box 126 Sorell 7172 or by email to

Sorell Council proposed Environmental Health By-law 2023

Regulatory Impact Statement