Economic Development

Council is proactive in the encouragement of sustainable development within the Municipality that will establish or expand business, employment opportunities, or local services. Areas of involvement include the:

  • marketing and promotion of Sorell’s, identity and strengths
  • identification of development opportunities
  • planning the required support infrastructure and services
  • provision of information and advice to potential developers
  • liaison with business, tourism and development organisations (eg Sorell Business Council)

Council has been working with other South East Regional Development Association (SERDA) member Councils to lobby for greater attention and funding to be directed towards the South East region for many years.

SERDA engaged KMPG to prepare a 10 year regional economic infrastructure strategy – Economic Infrastructure Development Study. It was identified that there were a large number of approved developments in South East Tasmania including housing developments, irrigation and the Hobart airport extension.  This growth was lacking strategic oversight regarding the impact on common infrastructure such as energy, roads and services.  The report was endorsed by State Cabinet and has resulted in a greater shared understanding of regional priorities, demographics, growth and opportunities.  Priorities identified are being used to guide investment, focus resources and input into government policy.

SERDA Economic Infrastructure Development Report

Icon of SERDA Regional Workforce Planning Final Report 2017 SERDA Regional Workforce Planning Final Report 2017 (1.6 MiB)

Council has used the report to continue the lobbying of Government for increased investment in the region.

The State Government has since committed to invest in public transport, road infrastructure, education and emergency services in the south east region. Their policies and plans for these major projects can be viewed on the links below:

Sorell Emergency Services Hub

South East Traffic Solutions 

Doubling bus services between Sorell and Hobart

Redevelopment of Sorell School

SERDA successfully applied for a grant through The Tasmanian Community Fund tor funding for a Workforce Planning Coordinator for the south east region. This three year role will see a coordinator work with local community employers, industry groups, trade training centres and registered training authorities to support, train and encourage local employment from within the region.

Council has also successfully lobbied for the South East Irrigation Scheme to service agriculture, horticulture and viticulture developments around the Townships of Orielton, Pawleena, Sorell and Forcett.

Council developed a Land Supply Strategy for the Municipality. The main focus of the report is the Sorell Township Growth Area where the majority of the residential and industrial growth will occur. The Land Supply Strategy will address the following:

Stage 1: Land supply and demand analysis for residential, industrial and commercial land for the next 20 years.

Stage 2: Assessment of expansion options for residential, industrial and commercial land.

Stage 3: Preparation of masterplans for expansion options for residential, industrial and commercial land.

You can read more about the Land Supply Strategy here –