Council Works Update

Current and soon to be commenced Council works and projects as at 1 June 2021:

Pembroke Park Stadium – The concrete slab for the eastern side (meeting room) of the stadium is complete. Installation of the steel structure is nearing completion. Temporary electrical mains sub-boards has been installed.

Sorell Memorial Hall – An upgrade to the Supper Room has commenced. Works include removal of load bearing pole and installation of overhead support beam, installation of carpet new window and external door and  replastering and repainting.

Penna Road – significant drainage maintenance is currently underway on Penna Road, near Penna Beach Street. Works include digging out the roadside drains to improve their operation and filing in with rock.
Works will be ongoing until Friday 18 June between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm. There are stop and go lights in place and only one lane in operation in the area of the works. 

Lewisham Road (at Arthur Highway end) –  Road improvements and maintenance will be carried out on  Monday 21 June, between 7am and 4pm, weather dependent. There will be stop and go traffic management onsite.

Shark Point Road (intersection at Penna Rd) – Road improvements and maintenance will be carried out on Tuesday 22 June, between 7am and 4pm, weather dependent.  There will be stop and go traffic management onsite. 

Stormwater – Minor upgrades, storm damage repair and general maintenance on stormwater infrastructure remains ongoing throughout the Municipality.

The Circle to Arthur Street, Sorell – New pedestrian islands and concrete footpaths is nearing completion.

Road Maintenance – Maintenance on sealed and unsealed roads will be ongoing throughout the Municipality for the remainder of the financial year.

Junction Street intersection to Boat Park Car Park – Construction of new pedestrian islands, concrete kerb and footpaths is ongoing.

Sorell Skate Park – Improvements to the surface and replacement of the coping is currently underway at the skate park.

Preliminary survey and designs are being prepared for 2021/2022 capital projects.


Gypsy Bay Boat Ramp – aerial shot of after dredging has taken place


Pembroke Park Stadium – steel work going up


Tasman Highway Stormwater Works completed


Fulham Road – extension of stormwater culvert, realignment of road, tree removal, amendment to driveways, installation of guardrails, sealing and line marking completed.

Communications, 04/12/2019