Community Grant Program

Each year Council makes available a Community Grant Program to provide financial support to eligible community groups and organisations within the Sorell Municipality.  The Community Grant Program includes funds for Community Assistance, Youth and Special Grants.  Each grant program is governed by a set of specific guidelines and allocations are approved by Council. The available pool of funds for each grant is subject to budget allocations approved by Council each year. The Community and Youth Grants Program opens on 1 May each year and closes on the 31 May.

Youth Grants

This program provides financial assistance to community groups for projects that benefit young people aged 12 to 25 years of age within the Sorell Municipality.
Eligible projects must demonstrate effective consultation with young people and should be designed to address the identified needs of a broad range of young people as well as responding to community issues and concerns.  Activities should address the recreational needs of young people and provide them with an opportunity that they may not otherwise experience.  Activities must be open to as many young people as possible.

Community Assistance Grants

This program provides grants for community organisations and groups located in and/or directly benefiting residents within the Sorell Municipality.
Community Assistance grants can be used for:

  • Community events
  • Asset Purchase, which will enhance the functions of the group/organisation within the Sorell community
  • Projects in the local community
  • Encouraging wider use of/improving access to community facilities

Special Grants Program

Council may at times make available grant funding that is not included in the annual Community Grants Program. These grants will be made available for specific events or community projects as decided by Council.

Icon of Community And Youth Grant Program Acquittal Form 2017-2018 Community And Youth Grant Program Acquittal Form 2017-2018 (0.4 MiB)
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