Tracks and Trails

The Sorell Municipality Tracks and Trail Strategy is looking at developing a network of tracks and trails throughout our municipality that fosters and engages our community into greater recreational pursuits, an enhanced understanding of our cultural, historical and environmental values and builds awareness of others the true enriching experiences available in our municipality. 

The vision of the strategy is “a popular system of sustainable tracks and trails known globally as an enriching outdoors experience which motivates and entertains”.

Areas within the municipality have been defined into precincts:

  • Sorell Council
  • Midway Point
  • Penna and Orielton
  • Pawleen / Wattlehill / Nugent
  • Forcett / Lewisham
  • Southern Beaches
  • Copping / Kellevie / Bream Creek
  • Wielangta / Hellfire Bluff / Marion Bay
  • Dunalley

Each precinct offer unique experiences through the provision of social infrastructure, history and heritage, the environment, points of interest, topography and community profile.

admin, 21/05/2012