Natural Resource Management/Environmental Advisory Group (NRMEAG) – Expressions of Interest

Sorell Council is excited to announce the launch of its Natural Resource Management/Environmental Advisory Group (NRMEAG).

We invite people from the Sorell Municipality to complete an Expression of Interest Application Form for participation in this Advisory Group if you have skills or experience related to: 

  • Knowledge about the environmental, social and cultural/heritage values of our region
  • A passion for achieving good environmental and sustainability outcomes
  • Knowledge and interest on issues (new and emerging) relating to natural resource management, climate change, biodiversity, invasive species and/or water resources
  • Commitment to engaging, promoting and sharing information with community stakeholders

The objectives of the NRMEAG will be:

  1. To provide strategic, expert advice to the Sorell Council regarding the finalisation and implementation of its Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy, while also integrating wider environmental concerns.
  2. To monitor and assess the implementation of the NRM Strategy, ensuring its compliance with broader environmental objectives, and delivering substantive, data-driven feedback to facilitate policy improvements.
  3. To undertake systematic reviews of the NRM Strategy, focusing on its effectiveness in addressing wider environmental issues and offering innovative, data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  4. To encourage community engagement in the context of NRM and wider environmental issues, advocating for active public participation and ensuring that the Council’s strategic planning and decision-making processes are inclusive, responsive, and in line with local government policy guidelines.

The NRMEAG will have regular communication with Council and will meet on an as required basis. By joining this Advisory Group, you can make a difference in your community and be part of a greener, more sustainable future.

Applications for the NRMEAG have now closed.

TERMS OF REFERENCE – A copy of the Terms of Reference can be downloaded here