Seventh Avenue Stormwater Works

Council has engaged Black Cap Contracting to undertake major stormwater upgrade works in Seventh Avenue, Dodges Ferry.

these works will be undertaken from the existing stormwater outfall location adjacent to the promenade up to, and along, part of Carlton Beach Road. The work is to enhance stormwater management including reducing risk of flooding and improve water quality flow from the outfall. 

To allow for the infrastructure required, reconstruction of the road is also necessary and result in some short-term disruptions and/or restricted access to properties. Black Cap will have a dedicated Project Manager on site who will be in direct contact with affected residents prior to any restriction occurring to minimise impact.

Works are expected to commence in mid-July 2024.

We received funding from the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program for this important community project.  

A message for Steve’s family – Steve’s memorial rock will need to be removed for the works to take place. We will take good care of it and ensure it’s returned to its spot when works are complete. Please reach out to us if we can support you through this.