Sorell 22: Country to Coast

The Mumirimina people of the Oyster Bay Tribe traditionally occupied the coastal and inland areas across what we now refer to as the Sorell Municipality. European invasion destroyed much of the Mumirimina’s unique culture and language. Settled by the British in 1808, the township of Sorell is recognised as one of the oldest in Tasmania. Today the municipality stretches across country to coast is home is a dynamic mix of residents. Its friendly inhabitants included farmers, artists, business owners and families who are drawn to reside in one of the most stunning and productive corners of southern Tasmania.

SORELL 22: Country to Coast is the story of these people, why they call Sorell home and where they see our community in our future. It is a short film exploring culture, community, identity, and place. A snapshot of 2022.

Created by local freelance creative Joe Chelkowski (Chelko), supported by David Adams, Sorell Council and Arts Tasmania, SORELL 22: County to Coast will launch at a special screening in the coming months.

Watch this space for details!