Garbage and Recycling Collection

For all information concerning garbage and recycling collection please see the waste management services guide listed below.

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If you require a replacement for a damaged or lost wheelie bin, please complete the Recycling Wheelie Bin Application Form below.

Important Reminders:

  • Please ensure there is a distance of 1 metre between the bins and any other obstacles (e.g. poles and trees).
  • Please ensure the bin is in a position where the truck can easily reach the bin from the road.
  • Place the bins kerbside by 6:00am on the day of your collection or the on the evening before collection.
  • DO NOT overfill your bin or place rubbish beside or on top of the bin.
  • Please ensure bins are upright for collection.
  • Please ensure no cars are parked in front of the bins for collection.
  • You can number your bin to protect against loss or theft.
  • Bins are for domestic waste only (e.g. food scraps and non-recyclable materials).

Picture1 How To Use Recycling Bin Service Your recycling bin should be used as a first option to discard the recyclable materials and to avoid disposing them in the garbage bin. Recycling bins should be placed at the kerbside with the wheels facing away from the road by 6am on the collection day. For residents with a shared bin service where there is no kerbside space the bins are to be left in the bin enclosure for the contractor to remove and empty the bins. When placing bins on kerbside ensure the bin is clear of obstructions such as trees with overhanging branches, poles and signs. Allow spacing of about 1 metre between other bins or garbage wheelie bins. Bins will be emptied between 6.00am and 6.00pm. Bins presented late will not be emptied. Please ensure that your recycling wheelie bin has been loaded correctly and that there are no loose or large items in the bin that have caused the contents to lodge inside the bin. “Do not secure the recyclable materials in plastic bags”. Do not place the following items in your recycling bin: Domestic Waste – garden or household Ceramics, pottery, cookware and cutlery Plastic bags Window glass or broken glass Clothing or shoes Oil, acid or chemical containers Nappies Asbestos

New Camera Technology

Our contractor has new garbage and recycling collection trucks, fitted with cameras that have the ability to take videos as well as still images of each collection. The date, time and location of each collection is recorded and can be viewed to confirm that the contractor has missed your bin. If your bin is not collected because it is contaminated or is overfull, our contractor is required to notify you (by placing a sticker on your bin). Council can provide you with a copy of the photo or video footage. Recycling Contamination If you put non-recyclable items in your recycling bin, it will not be collected. If your recycling is contaminated it can mean an entire truck load of recyclables cannot be recycled. Recycling collection occurs fortnightly on the same day as your normal garbage collection. Sorell Council Recycling Centres Sorell Recycling Centre – Stores Lane, Sorell Dodges Ferry Recycling Centre – 538 Old Forcett Road, Dodges Ferry (behind the Dodges Ferry Football Club rooms) Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station The Sorell Municipality does not have a transfer station. Most items that cannot be collected as part of the normal collection services provided by Council can be taken to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station located at 126 Mornington Road, Mornington. For full details including fees, contact the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station on 6282 3200 or visit

Green and Hard Waste Collection

For all information concerning collection of green and hard waste please see the waste management services guide below.

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The areas being collected are listed below:

Week 1 – Boomer Bay, Bream Creek, Carlton, Carlton River, Connellys Marsh, Copping, Dodges Ferry, Dunalley, Kellevie, Marion Bay, Primrose Sands

Week 2 – Midway Point, Forcett, Lewisham, Nugent, Orielton, Pawleena, Penna, Sorell, Wattle Hill

All waste must be placed on the nature strip the weekend prior to your scheduled collection week. Council’s contractor will collect your green or hard waste during the scheduled collection week. If your waste is not pre-booked or does not comply with the size limits or material requirements, it will not be collected. If you have any queries regarding waste collection please contact Customer Service on 6269 0000.

You can book your green and hard waste collection using the button bellow or by calling 6269 0000 by no later than 12 noon on the Friday prior to your scheduled collection week. Please note that your booking is only for the next collection date, it is not a permanent booking.

Make a Booking >>

Health and Environment

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are responsible for a wide range of services including; environmental protection, food business regulation, place of assembly such mass gatherings, assessing plumbing & development applications, conducting immunisation clinics, water quality monitoring, fire hazards and animal control.

Food Safety

Council manages the registration of food businesses and issues temporary food registrations for food stalls at public events. To register your food business please contact to Council’s Environmental Health Officers on 6269 0000. Council provides access to a free online and interactive Food Safety Training Program. Anyone involved in food preparation is encouraged to undertake this training. It can be accessed at I’m Alert. Icon of Guidelines For Mobile Food Businesses Dec 2015 Guidelines For Mobile Food Businesses Dec 2015 (0.8 MiB)

Environmental Pollution Information

Noise Domestic noise can be a significant source of annoyance to your neighbours. Please be considerate of your neighbours when playing music at home and keep the noise to a minimum. Out of hours complaints that require immediate attention, such as loud parties, can be directed to the Tasmanian Police on 131 444. All other enquiries should be referred to Council’s Environmental Health Department, during normal office hours. Formal noise complaints should be made in writing to Council by completing a Feedback / Request Form. Council’s Domestic Noise Brochure below outlines the times of the day that particular equipment/apparatus can be used. Icon of Domestic Noise Brochure Domestic Noise Brochure (0.5 MiB)
Icon of Noise Diary Log Form Noise Diary Log Form (25 KiB)
Water Water sampling of the swimming beaches in our municipality occurs regularly over the summer period. Testing from previous years shows that most of our recognised beaches are suitable for swimming. However, we advise people to please avoid swimming after heavy rainfall. Please direct any complaints about recreational water quality to Council’s Environmental Health Officers on 03 6269 0000. Odour/Air Pollution Complaints about odours or air pollution should be directed to Council’s Environmental Health Officers on 03 6269 0000. However, if complaints are related to major industries, then please contact the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment on 1800 005 171. Excessive smoke from wood heaters can be a major contributor to air pollution. Smoke can be a nuisance to your neighbours and contains pollutants that are known health hazards. There are products on the market that help make wood heaters burn more efficiently and reduce the amount of pollution emitted. Having your flue swept annually will also ensure your flue is in good working order and free from build-up. Operating your wood heater correctly is the key to clean and efficient heating. For handy tips or more information on how to achieve this visit Environment Protection Authority Tasmania’s website at Litter Council employs an Enforcement Officer who can fine people for littering. Fines can range from $130 for small items such as cigarette butts or $650 for large bags of rubbish. Litter complaints should be made to Council directly by phoning 03 6269 0000.

Wastewater Management

Council advises that residents make it routine practice to ensure their septic tank is pumped out every 3-5 years to prevent blockages and keep it in good working order. However, if absorption trenches are overflowing this suggests a more significant problem and a plumber should be consulted.

Rainwater Tanks

Please See Council’s Guidance on use of Rainwater Tanks brochure for simple information to help keep your domestic drinking water supply safe and healthy. Icon of Guidance On Use Of Rainwater Tanks Brochure Guidance On Use Of Rainwater Tanks Brochure (0.2 MiB)

Ross River Virus

Council’s Environmental Health Officers routinely monitors the mosquito population for Ross River Virus (RRV) over the summer months. The Director of Public Health is responsible for issuing information on how to avoid contracting RRV if there is a high risk of infection over the mosquito season. Please see Council’s fact sheet on Ross River Virus for more information on the disease. Icon of Ross River Virus Fact Sheet Ross River Virus Fact Sheet (0.1 MiB)

Backyard Burning

State legislation bans backyard burning in the open or using an incinerator on blocks less than 2,000 square metres in area. Most residential house lots are between 600m2 and 1200m2 so this restriction affects the majority of households in residential areas such as Midway Point, Sorell, Lewisham, Carlton, Primrose Sands, Dodges Ferry and Dunalley. With fines for breaching this regulation costing $785, households in residential areas are strongly advised to refrain from burning vegetation waste or rubbish and instead, take advantage of Council’s monthly green waste collection service. The legislation does not prevent fire hazard reduction burn-off on large properties but does prohibit the burning of rubbish, plastics and other hazardous substances. Please see Council’s brochure on Backyard Burning for more information on this issue. Icon of Backyard Burning Brochure Backyard Burning Brochure (0.5 MiB)

Fire Abatement

Inspection of properties for fire hazards is undertaken throughout the municipality before the commencement of the fire danger season.  It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure their property remains fire-hazard free. Please ensure your property remains mowed and cleared to avoid the issue of an abatement notice. Where abatement notices are issued and not complied with, a Council contractor will clear your land, the cost of which is usually much higher than a private contractor charges.


Monthly immunisation clinics provided by Sorell Council will cease at the end of 2016 With two medical practices in the Sorell area providing bulk billed child immunisations, Council is confident the needs of parents and children in our community will be met by the high quality care provided at the following practices: Sorell Family Practice                                  Sorell Doctors Surgery 12 Cole Street Sorell                                      31 Gordon Street Sorell 6265 2341                                                           6165 1595   Please contact Sorell Council on 6269 0000 if you have any questions


Dog Registration and Control Dog registration fees are due annually on 1 July and should be paid immediately to avoid the issue of an infringement notice. Residents are advised that it is their responsibility to keep their dogs under control at all times. Substantial fines can be imposed on the owners of dogs that create a nuisance. Council’s Municipal Inspector and Animal Management Officer regularly patrol the Municipality and dogs found at large will be impounded. Please remember these important points: Not all dogs are friendly – don’t let your dog rush up to other animals. Not all people want to interact with dogs – do not allow your dog to approach people without their consent. At all times dogs must be in sight of the owner and responsive to a command. A copy of the Dog Registration form is available here: Picking up after your dog Dog faeces is unsightly and unpleasant. It can also cause problems for our community and environment. Things to remember when walking your dog: When exercising your dog always carry a pooper bag to collect your dog’s waste. You can use freezer bags or plastic bags too. Dispose of waste responsibly. Sorell Council provides disposal bins in many areas throughout the Sorell municipal area. Dog faeces can pollute the beach and river and can be a breeding ground for diseases in dogs and humans. In accordance with the Dog Control Act 2000 you are required to clean up after your dog. If your dog is caught leaving excrement in a public place and it is not removed, you may be issued with an infringement notice and be fined. Impounded Dogs The Council’s Pound is located in Sorell and dogs may be reclaimed from the Council Chambers at 3:30pm weekdays. If your dog is impounded you must contact the Municipal Inspector or Council Animal Management Officer on 03 6269 0000 to arrange a time to collect your dog. The following fee needs to be paid at the Sorell Council Chambers at 47 Cole Street, Sorell before your dog can be released: $25.00 release fee + $25.00 maintenance for every day the dog is in the Pound. An infringement notice will be issued under the Dog Control Act 2000 under section 16(1) – Failure to ensure a dog is not at large for any impounded dogs captured by Council officers (1 Penalty Unit). All fees must be paid and dogs must be registered before they are released from the Pound. Icon of Dog Barking Complaint Form Dog Barking Complaint Form (0.3 MiB)
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