Get Ready, Get Green!

Say hello to our NEW Sorell Council Kerbside Green Waste Wheelie Bins!

Green Waste wheelie bins will start being delivered to properties between 19 June and 1 July 2024. They will be delivered to residential properties that have been included within the kerbside green waste collection areas (General Residential zone, Low Density zone, Rural Living Zone A, and Village zone).

Residents receiving a Green Waste wheelie bin will also receive an information brochure and Waste Services Calendar in the mail.

Our Green Waste wheelie bin service is monthly and starts at the end of July 2024. Please refer to your calendar for your first collection date.

Our website has been updated with an in-depth FAQ section on this new service. Also included are collection area maps, the 2024-2025 waste management services calendar, collection days, and so much more! Waste Management Services

Don’t forget that we still have bulk Green Waste collections four times per year, and bulk Hard Waste collections twice per year. These collections must be booked in via our website or by calling us.

If you have other questions that are not answered in our FAQ’s, please contact our Customer Service team on 03 6269 0000.