Strategic Plan 2019 – 2029 Community Consultation

Sorell Council is currently developing a new ten year Strategic Plan (2019 – 2029) and invites input into the plan from all members of the community.

The Strategic Plan 2019 – 2029 will be a long term plan, which identifies key objectives  describing how we will progress towards the longer term requirements for our community, as well as what services we deliver, how we engage with our community, how we operate as a Council and manage our finances.

Council management worked with elected members who represent the community, key members of staff, and targeted community stakeholders representing Education, Tourism, Business and Economic Development, to identify four key objectives for Council over the next ten year period, illustrated below.

Our Key Objectives….

What does Success look like?

In relation to what success looks like in achieving these objectives, the following was identified for each respective objective:

Facilitate Regional Growth

What success will look like to us:

  • Infrastructure – Provision of necessary assets
  • Employment – Labour sourced locally
  • Skills – Trade Training Centre integral to supply of labour force
  • Education – Improved educational capacity and outcomes
  • Planning – Contemporary planning model that facilitates diversified growth
  • Partnerships – Industry and agency commitment to engage with Council
  • SERDA recognised as the lead regional body

Responsible Stewardship and a Sustainable Organisation

What success will look like to us:

  • Contemporary governance and compliance
  • Financially sustainable and responsible
  • Sound NRM environmental outcomes
  • Delivery of services the community requires
  • Stakeholder engagement through committed and effective stakeholder relationships

A Liveable and Inclusive Community

What success looks like to us:

  • Delivery of the ‘Community, Coast and Country’ lifestyle
  • Sustained community health and wellbeing
  • Improved access to regional services
  • Connectivity within and between settlements
  • Increased recreational opportunities and participation
  • Public transport system valued and used extensively

Community Confidence in Council

What success will look like to us:

  • Strong Council Leadership
  • Positive Organisational Culture
  • Provision of Customer Service standards that meet the community needs and expectations
  • Effective and timely communication and engagement
  • Valued and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Skilled and adaptive Council workforce
  • Increased business investment

We want your feedback! Please click on the link below and fill out the survey and let us know your thoughts on our key objectives.

Your feedback will be considered and help develop the final plan that will be endorsed by Council. We appreciate your help.

A question and answer drop in session the Mayor and Council Management will be held on Thursday 28 March 2019 from 3.30pm until 6.30pm in the Council Chambers (at 47 Cole Street).

Feedback will be received up until close of business Friday 29 March.

A hard copy of this information and survey form is available below:

Icon of Sorell Council Strategic Plan 2019 - Community Consultation Sorell Council Strategic Plan 2019 - Community Consultation (1.8 MiB)

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