Results of Waste Management Services Survey

Our recent Waste Management Survey had 438 responses with solid representation from Sorell, Midway Point and Dodges Ferry residents. The data and information collected will inform our planning for current and future waste management services. Thank you to all members of the community who completed the survey – your feedback is appreciated.

Below is a summary of the main issues that came from the survey:

  • Most residents are satisfied with the kerbside garbage and recycling collection and use it every week/fortnight.
  • Nearly half of the respondents use the green waste collection and 60% use the hard waste collection.
  • Over 50% would prefer FOGO to green waste bins or the existing green waste service.
  • There was very strong support for more recycling/reuse of hard waste and the establishment of public place recycling for items not suitable for kerbside collection.
  • The majority of respondent are willing to pay extra for better Waste Management Services.
  • Residents are concerned about littering.

Whilst much of this information will inform our planning for future services, immediate follow-up action by Council will include:

  • Provide more waste education information to the community.
  • Investigate public place recycling and a FOGO service.
  • Improve the rates of resource recovery from hard waste and green waste collections in the next Waste Management Services contract (post September 2020).

Communications, 17/12/2019