Local Highways ByLaw Oct 2015

Local Highways By-law No.2 of 2015 & Regulatory Impact Statement
Public comments are invited for the proposed Local Highways By-law 2015. The objectives of the By-law are to:

I.        Protect Council’s existing infrastructure within the highway reservation by making aware who is responsible to maintain such infrastructure;

II.        Clarify who is responsible to repair and/or maintain the infrastructure if damaged or altered;

III.        Protect public safety by ensuring that works undertaken on highways are completed in a safe manner.
Potential Impact of the By-law
The By-law will regulate activities on public roads owned or under the control of Council. Where appropriate permits will be required for works and application fees will apply.
The By-law will provide Council with the power to:

*         Protect public safety by regulating works or materials stored on road reserves

*         Providing for infringement notices to be issued where an offence is committed under the By-Law;

*         Prescribe standards by which crossings are to be constructed;

*         Require safety management plans for the proposed works;

*         Providing authorised officers with the power to provide direction or give notices in relation to matters arising under the By-law;

*         Require land owners to repair damaged Council infrastructure caused by vehicles whose owners are working on the land owner’s property.

*         Require a developer to provide infrastructure bonds, bank guarantees or other security

Copies of the regulatory impact statement and By-law may be obtained from Council’s website www.sorell.tas.gov.au or from the municipal offices at 47 Cole Street, Sorell.
For further information please contact Leon Ashlin on 6269 0025 or leon.ashlin@sorell.tas.gov.au
Submissions on the By-law must be received by Friday 13 November 2015 and may be made in writing addressed to the General Manager, Sorell Council, PO Box 126 Sorell, 7172 or by email to sorell.council@sorell.tas.gov.au

Local Highways Bylaw Oct 2015

Sorell Local Highways By-law Regulatory Impact Statement



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