Planning for our Future

The new Sorell Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (Planning Scheme) has been declared and came into operation on 12 August 2015.

The new Planning Scheme has been developed as part of a State-wide planning reform process and contains a mix of State, regional and local provisions and is based on the Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2010-2035 (amended 1 October 2013) and follows the format and content outlined in the Planning Scheme Template for Tasmania established under Planning Directive No.1: The Format and Structure of Planning Schemes. The Planning Scheme has a contemporary format being “performance based” so that applicants would need to demonstrate, amongst other requirements, how they are meeting the objectives of the Planning Scheme as part of any application.

How will the new Scheme affect me?

Now that the new Planning Scheme has been declared by the Minister for Planning, all planning permit applications received must be assessed against it. If you are thinking of lodging a planning application please talk to one of Council’s Planning Staff about the requirements of the new Planning Scheme.

Where can I view the Interim Scheme?

The new Sorell Interim Planning Scheme 2015 can be viewed at the State Government’s Iplan website at Then select Sorell in the middle column. Please be aware that the Iplan Website works best when viewed through Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If there are any problems please consult the “help planning scheme” page on the Iplan website in the first instance.  The State government’s Iplan system including LISTmap represents the legal electronic database version of the scheme under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

When will the new Scheme go on public exhibition?

The new Scheme will go on exhibition from Saturday 15 August 2015 until Monday 28 September 2015. Appointments can also be made with Council’s Senior Planner, John Molnar, on (03) 6269 0000 to discuss the Planning Scheme if you were unable to make one of the community information sessions held in August.

Making a Representation on the new scheme

The new Scheme can be viewed at the State government’s web site Please be aware that the Iplan Website works best when viewed through Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Once the new Planning Scheme goes on exhibition, interested parties will have 42 days, from Saturday 15 August 2015 to make a Representation on the new Planning Scheme.  Representations on the new Planning Scheme must be received by: Monday 28 September 2015. You can make a Representation by any of the following methods:

Email: email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Write to: 47 Cole Street, Sorell TAS 7172.

Please mark your submissions as Attention: Sorell Interim Planning Scheme 2015. Via iplan website at  Make certain you proceed through the “make  a submission” link and importantly to activate your submission you must select “submit”. The help section will also provide guidance regarding submissions.

You can contact Council for further information by phoning on (03) 6269 0000 or visiting our offices at 47 Cole Street, Sorell.

What happens after the public exhibition period finishes?

Council will carefully consider all Representations received during the public exhibition period.  Following a detailed assessment Council will consider a response at a Council meeting and consequently send a report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) making recommendations about the matters raised in those Representations.

The State government’s recent changes to the legislation have removed the requirement for the TPC to hold hearings on each of the representations received.  The TPC will only consider key regional matters and will only allow changes which have full support from all parties to be made to the interim schemes.  Any unresolved issues may need to be considered through a future amendment process.

The interim schemes will not be formally approved.  It is understood that the State government will use the information from the exhibition process to develop a single planning scheme for the State.  Visit the Tasmanian Planning Commission website, for more information about a single State planning scheme

Sorell Land Supply Strategy

The Municipality of Sorell is experiencing one of the highest growth rates in Tasmania. The State Government estimates that 4,300 people will move to Sorell in the next 20 years. It is important that enough land is available to house these additional resi­dents, provide them with local employment opportunities, and ensure activity centres can function effectively.

Council have engaged Echelon Planning to prepare a Land Supply Strategy for the Municipality.  The main focus of the report is the Sorell Township Growth Area where the majority of the residential and industrial growth will occur.

The Land Supply Strategy will address the following:

Stage 1: Land supply and demand analysis for residential, industrial and commercial land for the next 20 years.

Stage 2: Assessment of expansion options for residential, industrial and commercial land.

Stage 3: Preparation of masterplans for expansion options for residential, industrial and commercial land.

Following a period of public exhibition near the end of 2016 the consultants have considered 21 submissions, from both the public and government agencies, in its overall assessment.

Sorell Council considered the abovementioned reports at its meeting on the 17 January 2017 and resolved to endorse the Strategy including the Stage 3 Masterplans subject to the exclusion of R12 from figure 2 (page9) of the Stage 3 report.

The outcomes of the Strategy will be used by Council in its development of local planning provisions for inclusion in the Tas­manian Planning Scheme. The strategy will confirm the quantum of land that should be set aside, the assessment of expansion options will confirm the most suitable sites for additional growth, and the masterplans will conceptually demonstrate that the selected sites can be developed in a way that will integrate with the surrounding land uses.

Stage 1, 2 and 3 of the Sorell Land Supply Strategy and associated documents are available at Council.

For more information on the Sorell Land Supply Strategy please contact Council’s Senior Planner John Molnar, on 6269 0000 or by email

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