Pembroke Park

Council has committed to making Pembroke Park the sporting and recreation hub for the South East Region. A Master Plan and Business Case was developed to help Council guide the growth and development of Pembroke Park. Council has been proactively applying for appropriate grant funding opportunities to complete the upgrades at Pembroke Park, as outlined in the Master Plan.

Council received notification of the success of two major grants within the last few months.

Levelling the Playing Field Grant

Council was awarded $630,000 from the State Government in their Levelling the Playing Field Grant Program. The grant offers financial assistance to organisations to provide functional and inclusive change rooms and facilities for women and girls to boost female sports participation. The new facilities to be built at Pembroke Park will include new unisex change rooms, toilets and umpires facilities. The concept plan for the design and locations of the change rooms is being finalised, following consultation with the clubs at Pembroke Park, and construction is expected to begin later this year.

Stadium Complex

Funding has been committed from State and Federal Governments for an indoor stadium complex – $2.5 million from the State Government and $6 million from the Federal Government.

The stadium complex will include two basketball courts, gym, office, meeting room, function room, amenities, storage, canteen, parking, access and landscaping.

Draft plans and cost estimates have been developed by Council, and grant deeds are in the process of being formalised. Consultation with local user groups has been ongoing, and will continue as development of the detailed design is progressed.

Detailed designs still need to be developed and permit approvals put in place before the project goes out for tender. It is expected that work will begin on site next year.

Other grants received for Pembroke Park in 2018/2019 include:

Communities, Sport and Recreation 2018 – 2019 Minor Grants Program Round 2: Council received $8,070 for the upgrade of the cricket pitch on the junior oval at Pembroke Park.

Communities, Sport and Recreation 2018 – 2019 Major Grants Program: Council received $42,260 to upgrade the lighting on the senior oval to AFL night match standard.

Icon of Pembroke Park Master Plan Summary - Feb 2018 Pembroke Park Master Plan Summary - Feb 2018 (12.4 MiB)

Communications, 19/06/2019