Sorell Council Passes 2020 – 2021 Budget

Sorell Council endorsed the Annual Plan and Budget for the 2020 – 2021 financial year at the June meeting.

In response to COVID-19, Council has approved a 0% increase on general rates and fees and charges for 2020-2021.

For those ratepayers meeting hardship requirements, no penalties, charges, interest for late rates payments and extended payment periods in accordance with the Financial Hardship Assistance Policy can be provided up to the second rate instalment in October 2020.

The budget for 2020/2021 provides funding for essential services, maintenance of existing assets and new infrastructure growth. It commits substantial funds of $13.8 million for capital works projects including:

  • $5.3 million for a stadium complex, new change rooms, access and parking at Pembroke Park (stage one)
  • $2.0 million for road resealing, resheeting of unsealed roads and bridge replacements
  • $1.8 million for road reconstructions and upgrades
  • $1.5 million for renewal and upgrade of stormwater infrastructure
  • $748,000 for replacement of depot equipment, light and heavy plant
  • $651,000 for footpath renewal and pedestrian upgrades
  • $181,000 for parks and reserves renewals and upgrades

Mayor Kerry Vincent says Council is committed to supporting the community through these difficult times. “COVID-19 has been very challenging for everyone and we are conscious of the affect it’s having on our community. We have committed to supporting our community through this difficult time with a 0% rate and fees and charges increase.”

“Council has been very disciplined and focused over the past five years to ensure we are operating our budgets within our means. I’m pleased that our efficient and strategic financial management means we are in the position to be able to implement these measures.”

“We consider ourselves to be well placed to recover from COVID-19 and continue to see our community prosper.”

“Our capital budget funds have been spread across our roads, stormwater infrastructure footpaths, playgrounds and community buildings which will result in enhanced infrastructure and facilities for our growing community.“

“Pembroke Park is well on its way to becoming the premier sporting hub for the south east region with the construction of the new stadium complex and unisex change room facilities. These developments will provide modern sport and recreation opportunities for the wider community.” said Kerry.

Communications, 24/04/2020