Heritage Study

Review of Heritage listing in the Sorell Planning scheme 1993 Schedule.3 “Cultural Heritage”

Sorell Council has engaged John Wadsley, Planning and Heritage Consultancy, to review the current heritage listings in Table 1 of Schedule 3 “Places of Historic Cultural Heritage Significance” of the Sorell Planning Scheme 1993. This review considers those properties (approximately 70) and notes their condition, status and whether to continue the heritage listing within the planning scheme. This will also be augmented by reference to the Municipality of Sorell Heritage Study undertaken in 1996.

The outcome would be a revised list to be incorporated in the new Sorell Planning Scheme currently being developed and in an appropriate format currently under consideration by the Southern Region (Historic Heritage Code).

Establishing the historic context

Limited research based primarily on secondary sources will be undertaken to provide a broad historic context to the assessment of heritage places in Sorell. This research will deal with major themes including European settlement, farming and land use, transport and access, convictism and commerce/industry, and particular how the existing heritage places related to these themes. Aboriginal cultural heritage is not part of the scope of work.

Contact will be made with the local heritage group, archival and government agencies to identify historical sources and documentary evidence.

Review of existing heritage listings

Existing listings of heritage places on the Sorell Planning Scheme, Tasmanian Heritage Register and other registers / databases will be reviewed using the 1996 Heritage Study as the base.

Site Investigations

Field trips will be made around the Sorell Municipality to access the existing heritage places – their context, condition and status. At the same time interviews may be held with landowners to obtain information and / or photographs on any changes to the listed places that have occurred since their original listing.

Assessment of listed places

Supported by the historic research and the site investigations, an assessment of the heritage values of each listed place will be made against accepted criteria for inclusion/removal from the new planning scheme. This assessment will be prepared with reference to the Burra Charter.


A report will be prepared that addresses the findings of the historic research, site investigations and assessment. Recommendations for the listing of heritage places in the new planning scheme will be made along with a proposed format for developing a heritage inventory. Some commentary on the implications of the new State heritage legislation and a framework for heritage management within the Municipality will be provided. No new site / building plans will be prepared as part of the project.

The draft report will be submitted to the Council for review. Following the receipt of comments, the report will be amended and finalised. The report will also detail recommendations for any future investigations.

Consultation and community engagement

There will be consultation with landowners and local history groups during the site investigations regarding access to properties and obtain historical information and documents. There will be also contact with Heritage Tasmania.

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