Hobart Airspace Design Review Update

Please read below for an update on the Hobart Airspace Design Review from Airservices Australia:

Airservices has previously acknowledged that community consultation for the initial flight path changes in Hobart was inadequate. In recognition of this, Airservices retained a community engagement specialist and social planner to assist with future community consultation as part of the Review.

On 14 and 15 June 2018, Airservices undertook community consultation to better understand the social impacts experienced by communities resulting from the previous flight path changes. The consultation also sought feedback on a preferred engagement approach that will be used as the basis for consultation when Airservices presents the initial findings of the Review.

The outcome of the June 2018 consultation has been a better understanding of community views which have been reflected in two key documents: Social Impact Overview of Hobart Airspace Changes, and a draft Community Engagement Plan.

In parallel, we continue to develop airspace flight path design concepts in preparation for consultation with stakeholders. We are also consulting with other stakeholders, including the airlines and the airport, to ensure their views are also taken into account. It was originally envisaged that proposed flight path designs would be ready for community consultation in August 2018 but they will not be ready now until October. This work is technical and complex and is taking longer than anticipated but it is important that we get it right.

Proposed flight path designs are now expected to be available on Airservices website on 31 October with community consultation commencing in Hobart between 15 and 21 November 2018. Specific locations and details of the consultation activities, including mechanisms for providing feedback, will be made available well in advance of consultation and published on the Airservices website.

In terms of next steps, once feedback on the draft community engagement plan has been received, we will amend the plan as required, finalise and publish on our website. We will continue to provide updates and more information on our website as these activities progress.






Communications, 06/10/2017