Tasmania’s Education System

Tasmanian students typically attend school for 11 to 13 years. Seven years of primary education and four years at high school are followed by a further two years at a senior secondary college to year 12.

Tasmania also has various forms of adult and community education.

For more information about Tasmania’s education system click here to visit the Department of Education website.

Education Providers in Sorell

The Sorell Municipality is serviced by the following schools:


Dunalley Primary School
20 Bay St Dunalley
Ph:  03 6253 5151
Fax:  03 6253 5470

Dodges Ferry Primary School
538 Old Forcett Road Dodges Ferry
Ph:  03 6265 8116
Fax:  03 6265 8380

Combined Primary and Secondary School

Sorell School
Gordon St Sorell TAS 7172
Ph:  03 6269 1100
Fax:  03 6265 1260

Senior Secondary School

There is no Senior Secondary School located in the Sorell Municipality.  The closest is Rosny College in Rosny, which is within the Clarence Municipality. Go to the Department of Education Website for further information.

Adult and Community Education

The Sorell Online Access Centre is a public facility which provides low cost access to, and training in, the use of computers and the internet, through various courses and ‘one-to-one’ assistance.

The Centre is administered under LINC Tasmania -Department of Education. Go to the Department of Education website for more information.

Sorell Online Access Centre
Sorell LINC
Cole Street, Sorell 7172
Ph:  03 6165 6452

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