Council Passes 2021 – 2022 Budget

Sorell Council endorsed the Annual Plan and Budget for the 2021 – 2022 financial year at the June meeting. Council approved a rate rise of 2.5% in line with the Long Term Financial Plan and the Long Term Asset Management Plans which continues the focus on ensuring the long term sustainability of Council.

The budget for 2021 – 2022 provides funding for essential services, maintenance of existing assets and new infrastructure growth.  The focus continues to be on maximising the community’s assets and infrastructure for their useful life, with limited funding for new infrastructure.

This budget commits substantial funds of $16.9 million for capital works projects including:

  • $6.85 million for the stadium complex, access road and lighting at Pembroke Park
  • $6.3 million for roads, resealing and resheeting
  • $1.3 million for new and renewed footpaths, walkways and pedestrian crossings
  • $580,000 for upgrade and renewal of stormwater infrastructure
  • $920,000 for replacement of plant and equipment
  • $286,000 for parks and reserves renewals and upgrades
  • $500,000 for building works and facilities

Council has secured grant funding of $7.5 million which is included in the above capital works schedule.

Council will be implementing a Rates Restructure as of 1 July. Council is moving from calculating rates using Capital Value to Assessed Annual Value. Twenty rating categories have been streamlined into four. A “cents in the dollar” rate is applied with a fixed fee to work out the general rate for properties. Some properties will have an increase in general rates, whilst others will have a decrease. The new rates structure will not increase the total general rates revenue raised by Council, it just redistributes it across properties. The changes will make our rating system simpler and more transparent for rate payers to understand. More information is available on this here –

Mayor Kerry Vincent says this is the sixth year in a row that rate rises have been held to 2.5%, with a 0% increase last year on rates, fees and charges in response to COVID-19. “I’m very pleased to see us continue to operate our budget within our means.”

“Council continues to operate sensibly and strategically to ensure we remain sustainable for our community into the long term. We work hard to make our funds stretch to provide infrastructure and services for our growing community.”

“Our capital budget funds have been spread across our roads, footpaths and stormwater infrastructure with our works continuing to strengthen our Municipality as the heart of the south east.”

Communications, 24/04/2020