Waste Management Strategy

At the February meeting our Waste Management Strategy was approved by Council. The overarching aim of the Strategy is to grow a sustainable community through proactive waste initiatives and increasing materials recovery.

The strategy helps to provide a pathway to a more circular economy and guidance on future waste management services that Council is considering implementing, such as introducing kerbside organic collections in residential areas.

Initially, green waste only bins will be introduced and change to food and organics (FOGO) when a suitable local organics processing facility is established. The existing bulk green waste collection services will be phased out after an organics collection has commenced.

Council is mindful of the need to reduce waste to landfill. Steps we will take to achieve this will include diverting organics through a dedicated collection service and greater resource recovery from hard waste. Providing residents with subsidised access to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station and phasing out the existing kerbside hard waste will also reduce waste taken to landfill.

Council is committed to critically assessing our waste management services and their associated costs to achieve an appropriate level of service and affordability for our community. New services such as FOGO will increase the cost of waste management services, therefore to offset this increase Council is investigating changing the existing weekly garbage collection service to a fortnightly service when the FOGO service is introduced. Our recycling centre operations will also be reviewed as part of the new container refund scheme funded by the 10c levy on beverage containers.

A copy of the Strategy can be found on our website here – Waste Management Strategy