Wielangta Rd Bridge Construction Updated Program

Works commenced on the replacement of four bridges on Wielangta Road in February 2017. A revised bridge replacement program has been provided by Contractors and is outlined below (dates may be subject to change).

  •  Pony Bottom Bridge (14 February – 14 March)
  • Sandspit Bridge (6 March – 23 March)
  • bridge 5.6km north of Bream Creek Rd (14 March – 3 April)
  • Lady Fern Bridge (3 April – 1 June)

During construction of the Pony Bottom Bridge a temporary bypass will be installed to retain access for residents.

Wielangta Road will be closed to through traffic when the other bridges are being built.

Visitors should check the roadside signs and the PSW website to check the status of the road prior to visiting.

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Communications, 02/02/2017